2013 is meant to be the celebration of the life and work of Félix Leclerc and is showing us the path to 2014 as we approach his centennial year!

Dreaming of reacquiring his work such as ‘Le Petit Bonheur’ on a carnivalesque scale. With the new generation, create and interpret in living tableaux strolling through the streets of Montreal. Laughter and enchantment for a ‘Bozo’, as a foreword, finally taking possession of his marsh and his Ball in the heart of the city. A majestic work as an excuse to address the themes which are always topical and universal.
The children of Félix shared with us their memories of the work of their father like a life tale… to create an imaginary ball where wolves are howling, foxes yelping, lions roaring and where, suddenly, Bozo’s girls flowers are waltzing.

This year, under the direction of the best Montreal choreographers in their respective fields, more than 1,000 participating citizens will appropriate the various Félix Leclerc’s songs, sometimes on African, marching band, fiery tango or unchained gumboots rhythms in a Circassian, contemporary classic or sometimes plainly Italian version!
Sponsored by none other than Robert Charlebois and Félix Leclerc’s children, join us in Le Petit bonheur… in a parade!

Parade in districts of Montreal

Rosemont Petite-Patrie / June 8, 2013
LCO_PB -Rosemont- 08 juin2013_0449_WEB

Ahuntsic-Cartierville /June 14, 2013
parade 24juin st michel-12

Montréal Nord /June 15, 2013
LCO_PB -MTL Nord- 15 juin2013_0339_WEB

Vaudreuil Dorion / June 23, 2013
LCO_PB -Vaudreuil Dorion- 23 juin2013_0470_WEB

Mercier Hochelaga Maisonneuve /June 23, 2013
LCO_PB -Mercier-Maisonneuve- 23 juin2013_0290_WEB

Villeray St-Michel Parc-Extension /June 24, 2013
LCO_PB -Outremont- 24 juin2013_0564

Outremont / June 24, 2013
LCO_PB -Ahounsic- 14 juin2013_0381_WEB

Ville Marie / July 2, 2013
LCO_PB -Ville Marie-02juil.2013_474

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