Our missions

The team of the Karnaval

Development, artistic concept:

In order to ensure the development of its projects, Terra Karnaval is driven by Danielle R O Y’s vision, a renowned artist. She assumes the artistic responsibility and the staging of the whole project. Mrs. Roy is assisted by a team of professional artists from a variety of disciplines (e.g. dance, visual arts). Costume designers, makeup technicians, music and lighting also support the work of the artistic direction.

Cultural mediation:

Citizens, professional artists, boroughs coordinators and teams of the Terra Karnaval work together in order to carry out each edition with the utmost respect for the values associated with this approach.
The realization of the different karnavals being based on a cultural mediation approach, Mr. Michel Vallée acts as a Director of cultural mediation. Since he has a strong background in the area, he ensures the values associated with this approach are respected the latter allowing the citizens to get involved in projects together with professional artists.


A production team including professionals (e.g. technical director, sound engineer, etc.) ensure sound karnavals development as a whole. For a karnaval to be held, the production process implies holding creation, production and dance workshops to accompany the different strolling tableaux which will be part of the parade and the broadcasting on the public space of the collective project. During the whole process of the development of a karnaval, a standby artistic and production team complements the work of the boroughs.


The permanency of the organization is composed of a General Coordinator, an assistant and an accountant. Contract workers join the team for communications and marketing and special projects.

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