Theme and inspiration:

2012 is the alleged end of a world according to the Mayan calendar. Although there is no need to panic here, among other things because the proclamation of the end of the world is not new in the history of mankind, perhaps we could give some thought to new worlds to create. And if we could create utopia on earth, what would it look like? Here is the question the artist Danielle Roy and Guy Laliberté, the patron of the 2012 edition are throwing out to the citizens of Montreal and its surroundings with the holding of Terra Karnaval. Terra Karnaval is part of the programming for the 30th anniversary of the Just for Laughs Festival.

Responding to this call in such a spectacular way, hundreds of Montrealers appropriate the different steps of creation of Terra Karnaval in order to make it a civic and cultural action which is unique in the world. Overall, more than 3,500 citizens including 2,500 children who will have created these new worlds thus are inviting us to contemplate the future of our planet.

Indeed, a team including citizens and professional artists have worked with the production team of the Terra Karnaval in order to come up with strolling tableaux inspired by drawings of children. The outcome of this process is a series of beautiful thoughts about the world we live in today and a dream world which will be presented this summer in a creative way.


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