Theme and inspiration:

In 2011, Montreal Karnaval created the Pinkarnaval whose theme was the work Jean Paul Gauthier. This event was held as part of the Just for Laughs Festival and gathered 1,600 participants. The theme was taken from the exhibition The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Eight tableaux were created by eight guest artists, eight supporting artists and eight boroughs, cities or cultural groups with their hundreds of participating citizens. Each one of these eight living tableaux was paying tribute to some of the work of Jean Paul Gaultier and to its universe from the navy blue and white stripes to ethnic references. The social and humanistic vision of the designer was reflected through these great living tableaux.
Many people in each borough and a creation team came together to achieve together with choreographies a great living tableau.

Under the supervision of eight of the best Montreal choreographers in their respective fields, participants from eight boroughs of the greater Montreal, have learned eight popular dance styles through weekly workshops in order to enhance the worlds, bodies and clothing of the parade.

Lyon, the twin city of Montreal, internationally-renowned for its Parade of the Dance also participated as the opening tableau.
The parade took place on Saturday July 16, 2011 and was the show invited by the Just for Laughs Festival to kick off its Street Arts 29th edition. The great urban show took place on July 17 in le Quartier des spectacles.
As such, over a thousand citizens of Montreal and its surroundings joined in the parade to represent their borough.


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