For the past six years, the Karnaval of Montreal has been taking place in the Just for Laughs Festival under multiple labels. These range from the Parade Blanche to the Pinkarnaval and include the Grand Charivari. This great event quickly became a mainstray in cultural mediation by inviting Montreal citizens to work with renowned designers.
The formula of the karnaval is inspired by traditional folk festivals such as the ones in Venice, Rio and Basel and is part of a new movement of contemporary urban festivals such as the Parade of the Dance in Lyon, the Zinneke Parade in Brussels, the Belfast Parade or even the Techno Parade in Berlin.

Terra Karnaval is always on the lookout for people wanting to play a full part in projects that are very dear to their heart. Therefore, we regularly have new collaborators joining our team.

If our commitments and our mission are speaking to you, do not hesitate to send your application at the following address:

Email: info@terrakarnaval.com

5445 De Gaspé Avenue, Suite 1018, P.O. Box 104, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 3B2

T +1.514.274.9111

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