Visual artist, Danielle Roy, began working in animation, before moving on to graphic design.  She has given expositions which have brought her world renown.  She has received grants from the Government of Quebec and has been received as guest artist by Milton Glaser, designer of the “I love New York” campaign.  With her strong visual style, she brings art into the urban environment.  

Over the last 20 years, she has pursued an artistic journey of cultural mediation she calls POP+ART (POPular participation in a work of ART)

As co-founder of the Just for Laughs festival, one of the biggest international cultural events in Montreal, Danielle ROY has made street art her mission, spurred by a desire to bring art to the people, and she has designed and  directed numerous indoor and outdoor events to great acclaim. 


She has produced dozens of large parades as well as urban opera alongside renowned artists from both sides of the Atlantic: Franco Dragone and Luc Petit (with whom Ms Roy created the show for the inauguration of the world’s largest boat elevator at Streppy, “Decrocher La Lune” in Belgium and the Disney Film Parade in Paris); Jean-Paul Gaultier (the inspiration for Pinkarnaval in Montreal as well as the performer), and Guy Laliberte (who sponsored the sumptuous apocalyptic show “End Of A World –  the creation of a new world in Montreal” in which 3000 children designed their idea of a new world!).  She inaugurated the Place des Festivals with “The Big Kiss”.  There have been over 1000 visitor-participants at each of these events as well as within the framework of The Big Charivari and Terra Karnaval in Montreal.  At over 15000 audience members each night, hundreds of thousands of people have attended these great events. 

With ‘’La nature croît en moi’’/“It Grows on Me”, she presents for the first time at the Palais de Tokyo a Paris (an important contemporary art venue).  Since then, she has deepened her focus on the subject from whence her exposition at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts “One Flower = One Human Being”.  All of her projects show the relationship between humans and nature.  

Nature + People + Art = One 

From a simple white leaf, she creates a unique world which gives rise to sculptures truly endowed with life.  Danielle ROY creates and directs artists, audience and nature:  “At the Edge of the Woods” at the Montreal Botanical Gardens,  “Apparition” at the Casteliers festival in Montreal*, “Iro” Urban Legend” at Sorel-Tracy* (which became a circus and urban arts event  – a moving show created by Danielle ROY in collaboration with Patrick Leonard, “The 7 Fingers” and the town of Sorel-Tracy).  

*These events were produced under the unusual circumstances of the pandemic with great success.

“I know the artistic action of Danielle ROY, French Canadian artist.  I am pleased to bear witness to the vivacity and originality of this creator who combines a curiosity of approach with the audacity of production.  Danielle ROY belongs to a new generation of artists who form the link between modernity and post-modernity, between conceptual art and the reintegration of nature in art” Yvonne de Sike, Museum of Man, Paris. 


The trans media work of this great artist and communicator is composed of each stage of creation: writing, design, sculpture, object, tableaux, frescoes and videos.

ROYBOX is a creation and production company that puts together high-level teams, which allow for great collaborations to produce great projects.