Our values

The main source of creativity of a city remains its citizens whom are considered to be the guarantors of the values of authenticity, identity and openness to diversity which are making their city a genuine laboratory for creativity’ Patrick Cohendet and Laurent Simon, Associates and Full Professors.

Terra Karnaval projects are based on citizen participation. Through a cultural mediation approach, professional artists and citizens work together in the creation of collective projects which are then broadcasted to the general public. As a result, Terra Karnaval projects enable people to live a most rewarding individual and collective artistic experience. They also stimulate and promote creativity in the city and collective artistic capital along with its attractiveness. The following values are based on the overall approach of Terra Karnaval:

– Getting citizens involved in a creation project;
– Establish exchange and sharing platforms between professional artists and citizens;
– Disseminate to the general public the result of these collective creation projects in a spirit of mutual respect, sharing and openness to others.

Our goal is to see our Karnaval become bigger than ourselves, its producers and promoters. Let it become the project of the citizens, the artists and their creative energy.

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