Our partners

The main partner of Montreal Karnaval is R O Y Box, a company creating events. Terra Karnaval works in partnership with that company for the creation of the karnavals.

The citizens, the boroughs, the invited foreign cities, the festivals and other groups involved in the different editions of the karnaval are the very heart of our action and without their active participation, the karnavals could not be held. Every year since 2009, more than 1,000 citizens take part in the different editions.

Other Terra Karnaval partners include:

The Just for Laughs Festival, within which each edition of the karnaval is being held, the City of Montreal, the Quartier des spectacles Partnership and SODEC for their financial support, Destination Centre-Ville and The Bay store for the promotion of the event.

The different editions of the karnaval also rely on patronage. For example, in 2013, Robert Charlebois is the patron of the Terra Karnaval.

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