The Karnaval

Terra Karnaval is heading a series of karnavals produced by les Arts Carnavalent. Les Arts Carnavalent is a cultural organization developing projects encouraging greater understanding between communities and citizens through art, cultural mediation and collective creation.

Every year since 2009, Les Arts Carnavalent produces the Karnaval in collaboration with R O Y Box.

This event happening mainly in Montreal brings together hundreds of citizens throughout the spring in order to get them together for the highpoint in the streets within a big parade and for shows downtown in July. The theme of the Karnaval changes every year. In 2013, the Karnaval offers Le Petit Bonheur in a parade from Félix Leclerc.

Every year, Les Arts Carnavalent challenges itself to:

–  Open up culture to the greatest number of people and build bridges between the citizens, the different communities and the artists through a collective project;

–  Take over the public space in a festive spirit and a desire to exchange and to open up to others;

–  Live the urban life in some other way and beautifully.

Our goal is to see our Karnaval become bigger than ourselves, its producers and promoters. Let it become the project of the citizens, the artists and their creative energy.

T +1.514.274.9111

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